Saturday, September 18, 2010

Change of Plans for the Denim Blanket

I updated almost a year ago about the denim blanket project I first shared here. My original plan was to make a picnic-sized blanket. Goodness knows I definitely have enough jeans to make a few blankets that size! But we've encountered a new possibility. Let me explain.

We are having our third child, and first BOY!, sometime after Christmas. Sammi, now 4, is excited to have a brother. The other day as we were driving home from preschool she said she wanted to cut "this" up and make it into a blanket for baby Scott. Since I was driving I asked her what "this" was and she said her denim shorts. I had an ah-ha moment because it dawned on me that I had cut enough squares for a baby-sized blanket. I told her I already had squares cut and would she like to help me use them to make the blanket. She agreed.

Finally, after almost a week of talking about making this blanket, we pulled out the squares today while Elli was napping and got to work. Sammi helped me arrange them. She liked the pockets a lot so I think we have at least one pocket on every row!

After we arranged all the squares, 81 in all, we started sewing them together. I'm mostly using my new serger to do the job. But on some pieces the seems are too thick so I've been sewing them on my regular sewing machine. I got half the rows sewn before bedtime. Sammi loved sitting by me at the table and chatting with me while I sewed. She really wants to do the pedal herself, but I told her we're in her observing stage of learning to sew! Sometimes I have her sit on my lap and guide the fabric through which seems to make up for not doing the pedal.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girlie Onesies

My friend is having her fourth child, first girl. You can imagine her excitement at buying and making frilly, pink, cutesy clothes and accessories for this little girl. When I thought about what to give her, I was at a total loss. Then I saw the cutest little denim dress and bought it on the spot. Then I asked a friend of mine to make a headband with two matching bows to sew on the sleeves of the onesie to wear under the dress. I was quite pleased with the results:
But then I found the ultimate inspiration for the onesie I need to embellish for this friend. Some time back I added this gem of a blog to my blog reader and have been enjoying her creativity ever since. I did a quick search on "how to make fabric roses" and found an awesome tutorial. It's detailed, but fairly easy and really quick. I made several "testers" first and then used my real fabric to make the ones for this onesie. Since it's a newborn onesie I started with a slightly smaller square of fabric so the rose wouldn't be too big. I absolutely love the way this onesie turned out!
What baby girl gifts have you been making lately?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Laptime Songs for Mommies

I know this doesn't exactly fit the scope of this blog, but I wanted to share my latest project. Laptime Songs for Mommies is an eBook containing wonderful information about bonding with your little one through music, books and snuggling. It also includes 4 craft ideas to use with toddlers and preschoolers.

If you're interested, please check it out!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Denim Blanket Update

I finally pulled out the box of jeans and squares I've already cut. Over the last two days I've cut nearly forty more. I've still got a long way to go to get enough for the picnic sized blanket I want. But every bit helps. I'm having a lot of fun cutting out pockets and loops so that they'll "work" when I sew the squares together.

As for the backing, I'm thinking of buying a full size flannel flat sheet and making it that big. The blanket we already have has flannel on the back and I really love the way it feels when I wrap up in the blanket. Now that we're in Tennessee, I'm wondering if it will get cold enough in the winter to wrap up in a denim and flannel blanket! We'll have to wait and see.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Dresses for Easter

It has taken me so long to get these pictures on the computer! These are the spring dresses I made the girls for Easter. The top is inspired by a dress of Sammi's and her skirt is inspired by one I found on a blog somewhere. I've spent several hours looking for that skirt again! Elli's skirt was my own idea and I really like the way it turned out.

Here they are in their dresses on Easter Sunday. Such sweet angels!

I'm working on the patterns for these dresses. I'm trying to get all the sizes 3-6 months up to 4T. If you're interested in helping me test the pattern, please leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you when I have it ready! Thanks.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Itty Bitty Dress Enlargement 3T

There have been so many requests for the 3T version of the Itty bitty Dress. Thank you all for your encouraging words! The link is finally fixed and the dress pattern can be downloaded here.

If you're quick, you can even get it done in time for Easter, this Sunday April 11! Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boggle Me Thursday

I'm participating in Boggle Me Thursday! If you're interested in playing too, better hop over and play before you read my list. I wouldn't want to spoil your creativity!

I said this last time I played, and it's true again this time: I got more words than I think I ever have in Boggle! They aren't that creative, but hey I'm pleased! So here they are:
  1. ate
  2. pet
  3. pets
  4. tot
  5. tots
  6. tote
  7. totes
  8. see
  9. seep
  10. pee
  11. pees
  12. pit
  13. pits
  14. step
  15. store
  16. toe
  17. toes
  18. at
  19. to
  20. oat
  21. pot
  22. pots
  23. he
  24. rot
  25. rots
He rots in oat pots which seep on my toes that step over the pets I see with a tot and a tote in each pit on my way to the store.

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