Saturday, September 18, 2010

Change of Plans for the Denim Blanket

I updated almost a year ago about the denim blanket project I first shared here. My original plan was to make a picnic-sized blanket. Goodness knows I definitely have enough jeans to make a few blankets that size! But we've encountered a new possibility. Let me explain.

We are having our third child, and first BOY!, sometime after Christmas. Sammi, now 4, is excited to have a brother. The other day as we were driving home from preschool she said she wanted to cut "this" up and make it into a blanket for baby Scott. Since I was driving I asked her what "this" was and she said her denim shorts. I had an ah-ha moment because it dawned on me that I had cut enough squares for a baby-sized blanket. I told her I already had squares cut and would she like to help me use them to make the blanket. She agreed.

Finally, after almost a week of talking about making this blanket, we pulled out the squares today while Elli was napping and got to work. Sammi helped me arrange them. She liked the pockets a lot so I think we have at least one pocket on every row!

After we arranged all the squares, 81 in all, we started sewing them together. I'm mostly using my new serger to do the job. But on some pieces the seems are too thick so I've been sewing them on my regular sewing machine. I got half the rows sewn before bedtime. Sammi loved sitting by me at the table and chatting with me while I sewed. She really wants to do the pedal herself, but I told her we're in her observing stage of learning to sew! Sometimes I have her sit on my lap and guide the fabric through which seems to make up for not doing the pedal.

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what a great idea! Hopefully something your little boy will keep for years!

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