Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Denim Blanket Update

I finally pulled out the box of jeans and squares I've already cut. Over the last two days I've cut nearly forty more. I've still got a long way to go to get enough for the picnic sized blanket I want. But every bit helps. I'm having a lot of fun cutting out pockets and loops so that they'll "work" when I sew the squares together.

As for the backing, I'm thinking of buying a full size flannel flat sheet and making it that big. The blanket we already have has flannel on the back and I really love the way it feels when I wrap up in the blanket. Now that we're in Tennessee, I'm wondering if it will get cold enough in the winter to wrap up in a denim and flannel blanket! We'll have to wait and see.

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Hello there! I just linked to your blog from a local mom's group where some mama's posted their favorite sewing/quilting-type blogs.

Anyhow, I just read this post and saw the comment where you said you'd just have to wait and see if it gets cold enough to use the picnic blanket you are working on right now. Well, I wanted to let you know that I live in TN (after moving from the West 8 years ago) and girl, it does get cold enough here to use that blanket! We might not always have snow in the winter time like I did back home but boy does it get cold and the humidity just chills you to your bones! It's a cold, wet feel as opposed to a cold, dry feel - if that makes any sense? Not sure where you moved to TN from, but if you are from somewhere where it snowed a lot then this analogy might make sense. I liken the humid-chill-to-your-bones-feel unto a "wet snow" vs a "dry snow." The wet snow is heavy and good for building (i.e., snowmen,forts, snowballs,etc) whereas the dry snow is fluffy and powdery. They are both still snow just different - same with the cold temps of here vs. where it snows all winter long!

Anyway, it is nice to "meet" you. I'm just starting up with sewing and look to blogs like yours for inspiration! So thank you!

(After I wrote all that I realized you might not be from somewhere where it snows all the time and I'm just making assumptions! But I'm still going to post it anyway :)


I'm from Utah (and Colorado and Vermont) so yes, I know all about snow! And I was just going to say that it DOES get cold enough here. We've had our denim blanket on our bed for a month now. And we've had a fair amount of snow. It seems like the moment they announce that snow will fall, school and everything else is canceled. The kids in our area have been out of school at least one day a week since December! At least where it snows regularly they have the equipment to take care of it quickly so life isn't put on hold for days at a time!

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