Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Dresses for Easter

It has taken me so long to get these pictures on the computer! These are the spring dresses I made the girls for Easter. The top is inspired by a dress of Sammi's and her skirt is inspired by one I found on a blog somewhere. I've spent several hours looking for that skirt again! Elli's skirt was my own idea and I really like the way it turned out.

Here they are in their dresses on Easter Sunday. Such sweet angels!

I'm working on the patterns for these dresses. I'm trying to get all the sizes 3-6 months up to 4T. If you're interested in helping me test the pattern, please leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you when I have it ready! Thanks.

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Your dresses are adorable! I'd love to test when you have the pattern ready. :) My daughter is 2, but a bit on the small side, so depending on measurements would be in 18mo or maybe 2T. My email is:

kschaffnit @ gmail dot com

I love these cute dresses, and would love to test the pattern! I have a 2 yr old, just turned 2 in March.


Lovely dresses! I would love to test the pattern too. :) I have a 3year old girl.


I have a 6 month old little munchkin in a 6-9 or 9-12. I'd be happy to try either! xo Crys

Thank you all for your interest! I've fixed a few of the glitches I didn't like and am working on getting the sizes pulled together. Unfortunately, we're moving in a week and so everything is on hold while I pack, drive across the country, unpack and get settled in. It might be August before I can get the patterns digitized. I'll email you with a few sizes in case little ones had major growth spurts in the summer sun!

Amber, I am looking for the measurements in an 18month size. A coworker's little gitl os who I'm making it for. If you have the measurements I'd love to try it out for you. Thanks,

If you still need testers I could do it! I have a little girl who is 16 mo and wearing about a 2T. It is a very cute dress. megs.kinyon @ gmail dot com

Hi! what cute dresses! would love to test it out! my lil girl is 1! My email is:

I would love to test ur pattern.
I just learn to sew and really into girl dress...

please send me your pattern when it's done.

i would love to try this pattern out. my daughter just turned 4.
my email-
Tbullard83 at hotmail dot com

i'd love the pattern as well! Thanks!!! I have a 6 month old.

dani dot smith at hotmail dot com

I love this dress! Do you have a pattern for the 3-6 month size? I saw your enlargment for Rae's Itty Bitty Dress, I was going to make hers, but am too nervous to try and enlarge it to a 3-6 month size on my own. If you have a pattern for either dress for that size I would love to try it out, or if you have it on etsy let me know. I am trying to finish it by this next week. :)

I would LOVE the pattern for these Easter dresses! My email is

I would LOVE to have your pattern!!! My little gal is growing into 18 month cloths.
My email is:

I love the dresses too...if you have the pattern ready, I would love to try them on my nieces (I have 15 of them! from 0 to 6 years!)
Love from belgium!

I love the dresses! Thank you for the time you invested in sharing these patterns. Do you have a pattern for a dress size 12 months? I have a Grandaughter that I would like to make a Easter dress for.

I would love to test the pattern. My daughter is 2 but tall currently she is a 4t. I love your site!!

Super cute dresses! I would love to help test out a 6-9 month pattern.

Precious! I would love to make a 24 month sized one for my sweet Sarah Hazel.

I would love to test out any patterns. I love making dresses for my daughter. She is going to be 3 in July. My e-mail is Thanks.

This is an adorable dress and I'd love to try it out for my little sister! She's 15 months old.

you are awesome =)

I love, love, love this dress! I have a 15 month old little sister that I would love to make this for. =)

I would be interested in testing the dress, so long as it's not too difficult. My daughter is currently in about size 12 months.

breenie_lee@yahoo dot ca

Hi there, these dresses look so gorgeous! I have two nieces both only 3months old at the moment but would love to have a go at your pattern when you've done it. For age 1 and up would be great. Will have a go at your teeny dress too soon hopefully!
My email is :
Thanks!! Loving your blog!

Love your dresses for little ones! Am getting ready to make the Itty Bitty Dress Enlargement for my more-or-less 2T granddaughter. Would love to try out your Spring Dress whenever you manage to complete it. With three little ones, I'm sure you're doing little crafting and sewing these days--good luck!


I would like to try your pattern, too. Would you have it for 2T? Thank you.

The dresses look so cute. Would love to try it out for my soon to be 3Y old daughter.
Thank you :)

Hi Amber.

My daughter is 10 months now and I love your dresses. Could you send me your patterns please? I would like to make them for little Emma.
My email is

Thanks in advance!

I would love to test the pattern too!


I would love to test the pattern for my granddaughter - size 2T.

I'm loving sewing again! I am using a pattern that I have had for 30 years! I made a dress for my daughter when her baby sister was I'm making that same dress for my daughter's daughter when her baby brother will be born!

I am loving you dresses these are the kind of patterns I look for, for my great granddaughter who is 5 she will be 6 in October. I would love to see dresses for older girls. Love your work.

your clothes are gorgeous! Is love to try the pattern in 1-2


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what a cute dress..i would like to test your pattern for my baby..she's nearly 8 months..


I'd love to help you test the 4T pattern, and try to scale up to a 5T that I'd be happy for you to post.

I have twin girls, but one is a little bigger than the other, so I need both! ; )

Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations.

these dresses are amazing, i would love it if you can send me the pattern for 4t or 5t. alson if you have the pattern for a 18' doll too. Just got my daughter an American Girl doll, now im trying to make matching clothes. Thank you

They look lovely!
I'm learning to make dreses for my girl. Will appreciate if you could send me patterns for 12 to 18 months! :)
catherine.ngbh at

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