Monday, March 30, 2009

Itty Bitty Dress Enlargement 3T

There have been so many requests for the 3T version of the Itty bitty Dress. Thank you all for your encouraging words! The link is finally fixed and the dress pattern can be downloaded here.

If you're quick, you can even get it done in time for Easter, this Sunday April 11! Enjoy!

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I made this dress for my daughter and the newborn one for her doll! Turned out great. My 4 year old wanted a set I made hers a little bigger and she got a matching doll dress too! Thanks for sharing this! The pattern you did was really great too!

How would I go about making this in size 6. Love the dress could you help me with the sizing.

I really enjoy reading your blog.
Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I just made my first one for my neice's 3rd birthday. It turned out perfect and was very simple. I am new to sewing and I was able to complete it without experienced help.
Thanks again.

THANK YOU for having this pattern enlargement available -- I just made it for my daughter and it's beautiful. So thank you :)

How many yards of fabric did you use for this enlargement?

Thank you for this lovely pattern! Only, I'm not familiar with your sizing: what does 3T stand for? I'd like to make it for my two-year old daughter (97 cm tall, European size 98). Would this pattern fit?

Nicole: I bought two yards of the solid color and I was able to make both dresses (itty bitty and enlargement) and have some left over.

MijMij: 3T stands for the average size of a three-year-old. My daughter is quite tall for her age so at 2 she wore a 3T and now at three and a half she wears a 5T. My guess is that this size will be about right for your little one. Good luck!


This is my first time sewing, do you know how much do I have to reduce to fit a 1T? And would one yard of fabric do? Thank you.

I am going to make this dress TODAY.

By the way, can you tell me what program do you use for the graphics?It looked so professional. I would like to make my own patterns so nicely and i have no idea how.

Thank you!!
Ana (Anaheim,California)

Hey Amber. I made this dress for a friend to give to her 9 month old niece. I wasn't there to measure her but I had another similar pattern and used it's sizing according to her weight and age. I went with the bigger size. I was told it didn't really fit her I'm not sure if they just didn't untie the top straps or what. Have you had this problem? Have you added zippers to these dresses at all? I'm about to make another one for a friend in 3T size and just want to make sure I don't need to add a zipper or buttons. What's been your experience?
(here's the dress I made: )

hi could you email this pattern to me please.

I can't seem to download the pattern... could you email it to me too?

Hi Amber, could you also email me the pattern? The link isn't working for me.

I too am trying to get the pattern for my 2 year old granddaughter. Will you please email it to me at Thank you

I'm not able to download the pattern. Help please.

Hi I'm also having problems downloading the pattern it says it's not found? Could you email it to me aswell? Thanks x

I am also unable to download the pattern, says its not found. I would love to make this for my granddaughter. Could you email me also

The link has been updated and you can now download the pattern! Have fun sewing.

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