Monday, April 21, 2008

Starting the Denim Blanket

I've wanted to make a denim blanket for years. I started saving jeans only to realize that I don't wear jeans! It was taking forever! Then I mentioned to my mom about wanting to make the blanket and she produced the largest box of jeans ever! I think there are enough jeans to make a few blankets. So now that I was armed with jeans, I just needed to find some company to help me through this long project.

My friend Melody came over last week and we started cutting out the squares for our denim blankets. We gathered all of our materials, pulled out our brand-new Gingher scissors, my newly replaced rotary cutter and mat and then looked at each other! The first cut is always the hardest.

But we finally braved the unknown and cut up our jeans. At the end of the day I had 80 5" squares. Only 270 left to go! So far I've just cut up the legs of the jeans. My next brave cut will be to tackle pockets. Thank goodness for new scissors (Thanks Brent for the Christmas present!!) because that denim is some pretty thick stuff. I can't wait to start sewing strips together and see the pattern form...

I strongly recommend using a rotary cutter for this or any quilting project because it went two to three times faster using the rotary cutter to make strips from the jeans and then cut the strips to squares. As of this post I have over a hundred squares and I did tackle those scary pockets. I think they will turn out pretty cute!

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I forgot what I was supposed to tell you! Let me know and I will give you my opinion :-) Keep cuttin'!

Did you finish the denim blanket? I've got a stack of jeans I want to do something with and this looks like a good idea. Please email a pic or


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