Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Doll Afghan

Here are the flowers I've done so far. I came across this adorable idea on stardust shoes' blog and got the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's compilation of free patterns. Joanna's idea was to make a bunch of the flowers and then sew them together in an afghan shape (instead of a scarf as the pattern directs). I thought that would be perfect for Sammi's baby doll blanket. I chose yarn from the collection I've acquired over the years. The colors are not that attractive, but I thought they would make a bright blanket for her baby.

The individual flowers are really quick to crotchet up. I do a bunch of centers in one color and then go back and do the flower part with the different colors. It seems like I can make huge progress in a short amount of time. That's my kind of project! Sammi likes them because she can take a flower and walk around with it. With the yellow blanket, she tries to pull on what I've already done, but she can't do anything with it since it's still attached to what I'm doing. We both get a little frustrated about that. I've decided to save the yellow blanket for times when Sammi is asleep!

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these are lovely, i think the colors are great! i'm dying to get around to doing this project too (i think stardustshoes/joanna is so talented!) but i always seem to have so many other side projects going on!

I'm glad you like the colors, too! I was afraid they were too loud, but so far they just look fun. Joanna is so talented and she makes it look so easy. I now am trying to figure out how to attach all the flowers together.

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