Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girlie Onesies

My friend is having her fourth child, first girl. You can imagine her excitement at buying and making frilly, pink, cutesy clothes and accessories for this little girl. When I thought about what to give her, I was at a total loss. Then I saw the cutest little denim dress and bought it on the spot. Then I asked a friend of mine to make a headband with two matching bows to sew on the sleeves of the onesie to wear under the dress. I was quite pleased with the results:
But then I found the ultimate inspiration for the onesie I need to embellish for this friend. Some time back I added this gem of a blog to my blog reader and have been enjoying her creativity ever since. I did a quick search on "how to make fabric roses" and found an awesome tutorial. It's detailed, but fairly easy and really quick. I made several "testers" first and then used my real fabric to make the ones for this onesie. Since it's a newborn onesie I started with a slightly smaller square of fabric so the rose wouldn't be too big. I absolutely love the way this onesie turned out!
What baby girl gifts have you been making lately?

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