Friday, August 1, 2008

A Sad Day...

Well, we are moving tomorrow. The craft room has been boxed up in preparation for our new home. Unfortunately, we are downsizing in a major way and I'm not sure what I'll have access to on a regular basis. As if moving wasn't busy enough, baby #2 is due in just two short weeks. I'm hoping we get rooms put together and the house is in a livable state before she arrives.

With all that said, here are the projects top on my list that I promise I will get to just as soon as I can:

  • Regency Dress project: Amy--I'm so sorry I haven't finished it yet. This is my #1 project to complete. I just hope she doesn't outgrow it in the meantime!
  • State Fair Challenge Quilt: All I need is to quilt and bind it and it's done. Unfortunately, I only have four weeks until the deadline.
  • Quiet Book Make-Along Page #2: I've cut out the pieces and scanned the pattern into the computer. I just need to put it together so I can make adjustments and get it published! By the way, how is page #1 coming? Check out K's comment about her adjustments. Sounds adorable!
  • Baby Doll Afghan: This needs to be finished to give to Sammi when Elizabeth arrives. However, it's all boxed up and I'm not sure it'll be uncovered in time. How sad...

I'm not sure when we'll get the Internet up and running. It'll probably be sooner than later since we'll go stir-crazy without our connection to the larger world! But until then, Happy Crafting!

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Girl don't you even worry about that dress! Baby Avery isn't walking yet and you've got enough on your plate right now! Get settled, have that baby and then worry about getting that dress done! No rush! Hope all goes well!!

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