Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quiet Book Make-Along

So, my daughter turned 2 today! Those two years went by so fast. I can hardly believe how much she has grown and how much she can do now. I've decided that the little toys I take places (church, doctor's office, etc.) to entertain her are just not cutting it anymore. So it's time for a quiet book. I brainstormed ideas for several books following different themes, but eventually decided to start with a summer book (which I hope to finish while it's still summer!)

I'm inviting any who'd like to make the book along with me and share your adjustments or creative additions. I finished the first page today and Sammi was already eager to play with it. That's motivation at it's peak! The book is constructed one page at a time and the pages can be put in any order. Pages will be sewn back to back to hide the stitching and other mechanics of the design. Instructions on that will come at the end once all the pages have been posted.

Quiet Book Page 1
Pond with Five Fish

  • Download the pattern and instructions for the quiet book page 1.
  • Materials: Felt in a variety of colors for the fish, felt for the page of the book, blue ripstop for the pond, Velcro.
  • Cut out pattern for the pond and for the fish.
  • Cut out two fish for each color of felt. Sew one side of the velcro to one fish of each color. Place the other fish of the same color on top and zigzag stitch them together. Fish are done!
  • Trace pattern for pond onto ripstop. Ripstop material frays easily so I sewed the opening first and them cut out the whole pond from the material. Sew five pieces of Velcro randomly over the surface of the pond. It should be the opposite side of the Velcro from what what sewn on the fish.
  • Make opening on pond: place a blue piece of felt across 3 1/2 inches of the top of the pond. Appliqué or zigzag stitch the ripstop and felt together. Cut out pond, including trimming the excess of pond and felt along the opening.
  • Align pond on center of 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch piece of felt that will be the page of the book. Appliqué or zigzag stitch the ripstop from one side of the opening along the perimeter to the other side of the opening. Pond is complete!
  • Put fish on Velcro pieces or in the pocket. Page 1 is complete!

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I altered it a bit, I attached the fishes with ribbon so they wouldn't be lost and secured metal paperclips to each fish then with a popsicle stick fishing pole and a magnet.

I love it! that sounds so cute. I didn't even think about magnets. I'd love to see a picture. Do you have it posted somewhere?

I love it too.

Did you ever finish the book? Did your baby like it? I'm thinking of making one tot and yould love to see your other pages.

I haven't finished it! I wish I had and it's a project I still want to do. But adjusting to two kids has taken more time than I thought it would. One day, though, so keep checking back!

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