Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Crochet Project

I found this cute pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's collection of free patterns. It is listed as easy so I think it will stretch my beginning crochet skills to include clothing.

The pattern includes instructions for several sizes (0-6 months, 12-18 months, 2-3 years, 4 years.) I'm thinking of making matching sweaters for my girls for the fall. Now I just have to pick a color...

JoAnn's is having a sale on their baby yarn now. But I think I'll go to the local yarn shop to buy yarn for this project so I can get their help on any parts of the project that may stretch my current skills a little too far.

Now that I've found a new project, it's time to finish that baby blanket...

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thanks for your comment. just so you know, i have ZERO artistic ability in watercoloring. anything that i did freehand turned out... eh, but i had a lot of fun. i had a few stamps that i used and i was able to paint within the lines. i got my inspiration from i think it'd be a great activity for you and your kids to do together!

your plan to crochet autumn cardigans is so cute! your girls will be so fashionable come the school season. i'm partial to the orange and yellows. :) good luck.

The girls are going to be so cute in their matching sweaters!

I will officially have the cutest nieces on the planet!

Oh thanks for posting this -- that is so cute! I'm going to put that on my To Crochet list too!

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