Monday, May 12, 2008

Slow Going...

I feel like the turtle in the race against the hare. I'm making slow and steady progress on my craft projects, but nothing has progressed enough to give a substantial update.

The hare, in case you are wondering, is time and it is marching on all too quickly!

One thing I've discovered about crafting is rhythm. Once I get in a groove, things seem to go like clockwork. But when I have to start and stop frequently or get very little done in a day, then I find I have to "relearn" my rhythm all over again. The most frustrating part of this "relearning" process is I make mistakes again that I had already accounted for and perfected. Tonight I sewed together another block for the State Fair Challenge Quilt and forgot that I had adjusted the needle position on the sewing machine. My seam allowance was too big for several of the pieces I had sewn but I didn't figure it out until I had already trimmed them. Bummer! I am hoping for some quality and quantity sewing time this week to finally get the top pieced together. Only fourteen more blocks to go...

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