Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Doll's Presents

Here's the finished cradle from Saturday's post. It turned out way cuter than I envisioned it. I'm pretty happy about it! But when Sammi saw me cutting out the oatmeal container for the bed, we had an interesting conversation.
"Mommy, what's that?"
"It's a cradle for your baby."
"I want a crib."
"It is a crib. It's a bed for your baby."
"No, it's not. I want a crib!"

Hummm. So my mom and I brainstormed and came up with an idea for a crib. A box! Pretty obvious, I guess. Here's the masterpiece! Mom painted the inside and then we mod podged decorative paper on the sides and bottom.
But, I'm wondering what I can do to make it more crib-like. Any suggestions?
Phase 1 is complete and now on to Phase 2: Making bedding. This should be an interesting adventure. I'm calling on the sewing expertise of my mother-in-law to accomplish this phase!

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I love this! How about adding something to make it look like it has bumpers? Very creative - my baby girl would love this - thanks for the fantastic idea.

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