Friday, December 12, 2008

Yummy Christmas Treat!

This is my favorite candy at Christmas time. Who am I kidding? It's my favorite all year long! It's Almond Rocca and it's delectable! It's a great gift to neighbors and friends. Ready to give it a go? Here's the recipe:

Almond Rocca*
2 Giant Hershey chocolate candy bars
1 1/2 cups whole, raw almonds
1 lb butter (2 cups/4 sticks)
2 cups sugar

Prep Work:
Chop chocolate and almonds into little bits in food processor or blender.
Line jelly pan with aluminum foil or wax paper
Sprinkle half the chocolate/almond mixture evenly over aluminum foil pan.
Make the Rocca:
In heavy pan on high heat melt butter and sugar.
Stir in clockwise direction for entire length of cooking (this is VERY important)
Stir quickly until temperature reaches 300 degrees (hard crack)
Quickly remove from heat and pour in strips over chocolate/almond mixture in pan.
Strips will spread into each other and cover entire pan. Pour out all the rocca into pan.
Quickly sprinkle remaining mixture evenly over the top.
Cover with aluminum foil or wax paper and store in fridge.
Let cool completely then break into chunks and enjoy!

*This recipe is super temperamental. Never attempt on a humid day. Turn off heater when making. Always stir in clockwise direction. Mysterious I know, but these are lessons learned the hard way!

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That sounds great :)

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