Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Doll's Present

Sammi is currently in LOVE with babies (although not always her baby sister!) and has to carry them with us everywhere. People will ask her if they can hold her baby (meaning her sister) and Sammi will squeeze her baby doll tightly and say NO! emphatically. Since she has accumulated a few, I have been thinking of Christmas presents for her in the form of accessories for her babies.

First, baby doll needs a bed! I ran across this idea for a doll cradle from the blog Chasing Cheerios. This doll cradle is cut from an oatmeal container. I was sold right there! We have saved oatmeal containers since Sammi was born. They are usually used as drums, but figured we have enough to spare one for a doll cradle! Then the container is cut to look like a cradle. Finally, the bed is decorated with paper. I have lots of cute girly paper that I'm excited to use for the cradle.

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Great Idea!
I have a book called trash to treasures if you want to borrow it. Has a good idea for cutting the top off a bleach bottle and sewing on a draw string top to make a bucket-bag to hold acessories. I've made them before and they are easy...

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