Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Necktie Onesie Free Pattern

I have seen these adorable onesies floating around the Internet. I am not that great of an artist so it is hard for me to create a "picture" version of something and have it really look like that something. So, I enlisted the help of my talented husband to create a pattern for the necktie. Not only did he draw the tie for me, he helped me get it in digital form so that I can share it with others who may not want to draw a tie themselves!

This is such a cute and easy project. It makes a great gift for expecting friends.

Enjoy the Necktie Onesie Free Pattern. I'd love to see the onesies you create using it!

**In the instructions I suggest using Wonder-Under to fuse the fabrics together. A cost-saving method I learned from my mom is to use a plastic produce bag instead! Just cut out the bag so it's larger than the pieces and place it between the onesie and the fabric. Cover it, carefully, with a scrap piece of fabric or an old tea towel. Iron over it with the iron on the hottest setting. You need to be more careful when removing the tea towel than when using Wonder-Under, but it works well.**

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that's cute. i didn't think of fusing the tie onto the onesie - i've been hand-sewing them in place and then machine stitch. i bet the fusing takes away some fuss and time!

Brilliant! I love it!

Thank you for sharing the pattern and instructions!

What a cute idea!

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