Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bowtie Onesie Free Pattern

The neckties were so fun to make that I thought I'd try a bowtie onesie as well. Actually, I was inspired by my friend Melody. Her son wears a bowtie to church and I think he's just adorable.

The bowties proved to be more challenging for me to create than the necktie. I had a vision of what it should look like. It took me a couple of weeks to problem solve and decide on a way to make it work. I pleated the "bow" part of the tie and then ironed it down. It gives it some depth and I think looks an awful lot like a bowtie. So, maybe I am a bit of an artist after all...

Enjoy the Bowtie Onesie Free Pattern. I'd love to know if you make any and how they turn out. Wouldn't it make a cute set to give a bowtie onesie and a necktie onesie as a gift?

**In the instructions I suggest using Wonder-Under to fuse the fabrics together. A cost-saving method I learned from my mom is to use a plastic produce bag instead! Just cut out the bag so it's larger than the pieces and place it between the onesie and the fabric. Cover it, carefully, with a scrap piece of fabric or an old tea towel. Iron over it with the iron on the hottest setting. You need to be more careful when removing the tea towel than when using Wonder-Under, but it works well.**

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that is adorable - what a cute idea!

Produce bag says you? That appeals to my thrifty side. I am not willing to sacrifice a onesie for that experiment, but I can try on other fabric first. I like it. I'm going to try it.

This is a great project, by the way. It appears my friends are incapable of producing a female child. It's tough to find stuff cute and original for a boy. This is good.

Thanks for linking.!! I love to dress up my baby. Just looking for some soft pattern onesie.

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