Monday, May 19, 2008

Itty Bitty Baby Dress Enlargement

I finally finished the enlargement for the Itty Bitty Dress from MadeByRae! Now both the girls have finished dresses. This pattern is so fun and easy to use. Here is the pattern for the Itty Bitty Dress Enlargement. It makes about a 3T size dress, which is a little big for my daughter, but I have no idea how much she'll grow over the next few months before the baby arrives.

In order to assemble the dress, you'll need the instructions from the original pattern which can be found here.

Happy Sewing!

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This is adorable baby dress... It is prefect for the summer!!

Love it - how much material do you suggest I buy?

The skirt part requires about a yard of fabric and the bodice part is about 1/2 a yard. So you'll need a yard and a half of the one for the skirt and 1/2 a yard of the contrasting fabric. That should also give you enough to do the piping and the border at the bottom. Although, I can't guarantee it because I used scrap fabric for some of that. Good luck!

Thank you so much for posting this pattern. I've looked all over for this (it is unavailable on the original web site and has been for several months). Would you happen to have some instructions for this as well? And, what pattern did you use for the skirt? I'm expecting twins in a few months and would love to make a few dresses for my baby girl! Thanks again!

Leslie Lou-

I still have the original pattern. Send me your email address and I'll send you the pdf. ajpassey (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hi Amber,

Thank you so much for creating this! I'm going to make one for my cousin's little girl - I might also email you for the original, as we have just had our own little girl and would love to make one for her as well (perhaps even matching! Cute).

Thanks again!


Hello! I'd like to make a flower girl dress for my daughter (the wedding is in march) & was wondering if you could share the pattern. The Made by Rae site pattern is out of commission right now, so it would be a great help! Thanks!

i've also been searching all over for this pattern :)
my friend is having her baby in april and i wanted to make a dress for the new baby plus the cute big sister.
is there any way you could email me the instructions for this dress?


I would LOVE to have this pattern. Your dress is Gorgeous. When I try to click on the toddler pattern link, an error page comes up. Could you please e-mail me the pattern? Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

The link is giving me an error. Can you please email the enlargement....can't wait to make this beautiful dress!

I would love to have this pattern, but the link to it is taking me to some other website. Can you email it to me? Thanks!

Yeah, I can't get this pattern to come up. It takes me to a different website. Can you email me the pattern.

Sorry, I mistyped my email in an earlier comment. I would love this dress pattern! Thanks!

Another one who can't download the pattern - and it's sooooo cute! Any chance of getting it emailed to me too?


I love this pattern, but I am getting an error. Any way you can email it to me? Im trying to each myself to sew and I hope I can do this!

I too would love to make this dress for my little girl, but the link takes me to another web sight. If anyone could email me the pattern I would be very greatful thank you Nichola

Hi can you also send me the pdf for the enlargement? I cannot get it to work. Thank you.

My email is

Hi Amber,

I was wondering if you had removed the pattern for the itty bitty toddler dress. I would love to make it for my DGD and I am unable to make the link work. Anyway, that you for posting this in the first place, it was very generous of you!!!

I would love a copy for my daughter. The dress is so cute! Can someone share?

Can someone email to

I love these dresses and could you email me the pattern also, it wouldnt let me download..Thanks a bunch

I like, everyone else am unable to access the pattern. I'd love to have it if you could send it to

I am expecting baby girl number 2 and would love to make the a big-little sister set for my girls
Mary W.

I parrot the others in saying the link to the toddler size does not work. Please please look into fixing it?

I have no one to make the original for right now, but I could use a toddler version.

A ditto for me - I'd love the toddler version of this dress.

Email -


HI, can someone please email the pattern to me also? Thanks!

Is it too big for a 1 year old?

I would also like a copy of the toddler enlargment version of this pattern. Had trouble with link also. Thank you so much for the time put into creating these patterns. Would appreciate if someone could e-mail me toddler version of pattern. Thanks so much.

This would be perfect for my 2 year old daughter. I'd love to make matching ones for her cousins too. That would be so cute! If you are emailing people a copy of the larger version, I'd love to have a copy of it. Thank you so much! cutiecoversnmore (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

The pattern is adorable and I too would love to have the toddler version as my GD's are to big for the baby size. Thanks so much for sharing your time, energy, and talent with us. Judy

KathyB says
I would love your pattern as my Granddaughter is turning 3 new month and I would love to make it for her!! But keep on getting the wrong web site. Could you please email it to me. Much appreciated.

May I please get a copy of this pattern too? I'm thinking of this for my 2 year olds and 1 month olds Easter dresses. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Hi! Looking for the pattern for my 3 year old to match her 6-month old sister's. Can you please send it via e-mail to purplesunfish [AT] Much appreciated!

Can some one please send me the enlarged pattern?

Would love the 2t-3t pattern link doesn't seem to be working..

I love this dress!

Would you be willing to share the pattern with me as well? My email is:

Many thanks!!

please oh please email me the pattern or fix the link? Someone made the newborn version of this dress for me for when my daughter was born and it was ADORABLE. I would LOVE to be able to make one for her to wear this summer...

moriazuriel (at) gmail (dot) com

I would love the pattern! Could you send it to please?

I would love this toddler size pattern. If possible, please send to ""

This pattern is so cute. I have a 3 year old granddaughter I would love to make this for. Could you send me the pattern? Thanks, Joyce

I would love to hve the larger size for my granddaughter. Thank You

I would absolutley love to have the larger version, would you please email to me also. You do such wonderful work, thank you for sharing.

Hi can you please email me the enlargemtn? Thanks so much!

ditto ditto!!! Would you be willing to share the toddler pattern/de-structions with me too??? Purlease!!
Mail to

Thanking you soo much!

Has the pattern been removed? I'm taken to a teaching site that doesn't show the pattern. Thanks!

Hi!! I actually just made the itty bitty dress for my new neice and it came out soo cute!! Could you please email me the larger version of the pattern...I would love to make a matching dress for her big sister!! Thanks so much!!

Thanks for posting the enlargement, could you please email it to me as well as I can't get in?? Thanks!!

Please please send me the toddler sized pattern! My neices birthday is coming up in three weeks and I was looking for something else to get her. With summer coming this would be perfect! Thanks so much!

Hoping someone would be kind enough to email me the enlarged pattern Thanks

I surely would love the toddler sized pattern as well. I have been searching and everyone is right, the link doesn't seem to be working. I would really appreciate an e-mail to
Thanks so very much

I surely would love the toddler sized pattern as well. I have been searching and everyone is right, the link doesn't seem to be working. I would really appreciate an e-mail to
Thanks so very much

I also would like this toddler pattern for my two great neices. please email to:

I would like this pattern also. Would someone forward it to

Thank you in advance. It is so cute, I want to make matching dresses for my granddaughters in Hawaii.

i hate to ask since it looks like your already busy sending this out all over, but could you send it to me too, my neice is in a dress phase and i think this would be great for her 3rd birthday!

I have toddler twins and would appreciate you sending this wonderful pattern. I'm just getting ready to sew their summer dresses as this is all they want to wear. Thank you

I have twins and am just starting to sew their summer dresses. Could you please send me a copy of the toddler size? I'm doing it for size 3-4. Thanks, Michele

Is there an "enlargement pattern" for the "enlargement pattern?" I would love to make this in a 5T size.

Oh not, I can't get the link to work! I would love to have this pattern for my granddaughter. Could someone please email me the pattern or a good link? Thanks so much. Pam

Could someone please email me the pattern for the itty bitty dress. The link is not working and I would love to make this for my granddaughter. Thanks, Pam

I would LOVE to have the pattern if someone could email it to me!!
I can't even get the baby version from the "Made by Rae" site either.

Congratulations! Your enlargement came out beautiful! Thank you for being so generous by sharing your enlarged pattern with us. I was able to download it. Thanks! I would like to ask you a favor, if it is possible for you to send me an email with the PDF tutorial & pattern of the original dress. I have tried many times to download it from Rae Oostendorp's website, but after I open it, I am only able to get the 1st page of the PDF file, the 2nd one appears with the letters floating all over the place, and pages 3 & 4 never open.
Apparently, this problem has been going on for a while now, because a lot of people have been complaining about it in her website, and she has a note on the left side of the webpage where she specifically says she does not send any of her free patterns by email. Would it be possible for you to send me the original PDF attached to an email? My email address is: I will really appreciate it. Keep up the good and beautiful work. God bless you always!


Wow Great New Look Clothing Kid dress.

Sorry to bother you but I would LOVE to make this dress for my granddaughter but as others have pointed out you can't download it from the original site. Can you please forward it to


oops forgo to say thanks! so THANKS!!

I love this dress by Rae! Thank you for enlarging it and posting! I linked your enlargement to my craft blog where I also made an Itty Bitty, no so itty. Mine ended up being about 9-12 months. Here is the link to where I linked your post to:

i've been so excited to make this dress for a friend's long-awaited baby. i was thinking of enlarging the newborn one but i've been trying for days to download it. do you have a copy you can send or link?

I am another person trying to download the instructions for making the dress. I am thinking of modifying it to make a princess dress for my daughter to wear to Disneyland! I would love if somebody would send me the original instructions - I'm not sure how to deal with the lining.
Thank you!

Please could someone email me the instructions for the `itty bitty` dress. My email address is Thank you. x

Thank you for your generosity, I have made the newborn size and am thrilled to get the enlargement. Are the seams 1/4"?

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Could I also have this pattern please. x

Hi Amber

The dress looks beautiful - I was wondering if you still had the pattern and could email me a copy?


I love this!! I've made several of these using repurposed articles of clothing. Thanks for sharing!

Could I please have the instructions? And need pattern for both infant and toddler.
This is so adorable.

It seems as I am not the only one that cannot retrieve the instructions for this pattern. Could someone please send them to me please or tell me how can I make this dress. Thank you. I am not very good at sewing but it looks easy enough to make for my granddaughter. If someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Laurie from Canada

I would also love both patterns and instructions. I could not get either to download. Pls pls send me instructions and patterns, thank you

I too am unable to download the enlargement. Please send me email , I can't wait to make this for my God Daughter.

This pattern is fantastic! I'very just finished the newborn one for my granddaughter (super easy and finished in an hour!). I really want to make the toddler +size for her older sister and can't download. Would you be kind enough to email it to me? Email address is
Thank you so much!

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