Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tackling Piping

Since I am so new to sewing and not entirely confident, I decided to bring in the experts for the piping on the Itty Bitty Dress I'm making. First I went to the fabric store and asked about how to make piping. The lady that helped me was very informative and recommended getting a zipper foot for the process. So then I went down to the Bernina store (since I have a Bernina) and asked about the zipper foot. I explained that I wanted to make piping with it and the very nice lady there directed me to the tricot foot.

The tricot foot has a nifty groove in the bottom that holds the piping and fabric in place as I sew the piping into the fabric. I was even brave enough to ask her about using the foot to sew all my layers of fabric together. I'm certainly glad I did! Turns out, you can use the foot to sew all the layers together and then you only need to sew around the piping once. (The instructions with the pattern say to sew the piping onto the bodice of the dress and then to sew the skirt to the bodice over the piping.) Since I was worried about all my seams showing, this seemed like an ideal alternative. So I snatched up the foot and headed home. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm wore of as I looked at my material and the foot. I was still feeling a little overwhelmed. It's taken me several days to attempt the piping. More on that adventure later!

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