Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boggle Me Thursday

I'm participating in Boggle Me Thursday! If you're interested in playing too, better hop over and play before you read my list. I wouldn't want to spoil your creativity!

I said this last time I played, and it's true again this time: I got more words than I think I ever have in Boggle! They aren't that creative, but hey I'm pleased! So here they are:
  1. ate
  2. pet
  3. pets
  4. tot
  5. tots
  6. tote
  7. totes
  8. see
  9. seep
  10. pee
  11. pees
  12. pit
  13. pits
  14. step
  15. store
  16. toe
  17. toes
  18. at
  19. to
  20. oat
  21. pot
  22. pots
  23. he
  24. rot
  25. rots
He rots in oat pots which seep on my toes that step over the pets I see with a tot and a tote in each pit on my way to the store.

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Hi there. I didn't want to ruin it for myself by coming over to see your list. I played so now I can visit you.

Welcome back! I love the sentence you wrote. I didn't find store, nice job!

Thanks for playing.

See you on the next round?


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