Friday, September 26, 2008

A Day of Inspiration

We find inspiration in the most unlikely places. Today I attended a wonderful conference for women entrepreneurs. This conference is the annual event of Startup Princess. "Startup Princess is an international network for women entrepreneurs to learn and support one another started in July 2006 by Kelly King Anderson, a mom struggling to launch her own company who wanted to meet and learn from other like-minded, action-driven women" from

This networking opportunity is amazing! The fairy godmothers are so sincere in wanting to help women succeed in reaching their vision for their business. I was able to connect with women who are working in a similar market and who shared their hard-earned lessons on the path to success. While the purpose of the networking is to promote business and find and share resources for businesses, it is impossible to not be inspired by what these women are accomplishing in their lives. That inspiration transferred itself into ideas for craft projects which I look forward to exploring and creating over the next little while.

The keynote speaker was Heather Madder who addressed the topic of overcoming roadblocks to success. The title of her presentation was "Living as a Creator...without Limitations." Heather identified 5 tools that we have for creating: thoughts, belief system (within which the thoughts operate), emotions, words, and actions. When we think limiting thoughts or embrace negative emotions, we are creating our reality where those thoughts reign and we consistently fail. However, when we think potential-driven thoughts and act with a desire to achieve, our possibilities and accomplishments are limitless. I really connected with that message as a woman "attempting" to do a lot but not really feeling like I'm making any progress. But not any more! Out with self-defeating thoughts and beliefs and in with creating and achieving!

A more important message for me, though, struck my "mother-chord" with how I speak to my children. Heather illustrated the point using her son. He is six years old and when he writes on his paper at school "I will be an astronaut" he believes that is as possible as "I will ride a two-wheel bike." She says "Far be it from me to tell him he can't be an astronaut." As long as that is a real possibility to him, it is something he can achieve. Somewhere along the way we are taught these limiting thoughts and belief systems. I want to be more aware of how I talk to my daughters and how I explain life to them in order to help them understand timing and preparation for things instead of saying they are too small and can't do something.

Today I met so many amazing women creating amazing things. Over the next few weeks I will be featuring different women and their creations. I believe their stories and products can inspire.

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Thank you, Amber for coming to our event and for sharing with this post. We're going to be doing another giveaway of a $150 off our retreat. Anyone who blogs about the event gets 2 entries, anyone who comments on our post gets 1. So you just got yourself two entries. :) Thanks so much and you're right, we ARE absolutely sincere in wanting to support you on your journey to fulfilling your dreams. Please let me know what we can do to help you!

Kelly, Startup Princess

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