Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Regency Dress for Toddlers

This was my project last week. I want to enter my daughter in our city's annual baby contest in two weeks. The theme this year is "Babies Through the Ages." since I live in Utah, I know the pioneer era is the most common "age" so I wanted to do something less common.

I absolutely love all the Jane Austin movies because the clothes are so spectacular. So I spent several days looking at Victorian era dresses. I decided that I like the Regency style a little more because it fit with the image I had in my mind for what I wanted. I had a difficult time finding just the right pattern, so I made it up as I went along. For that reason, I started with a Muslin, which I just learned about from Sew, Mama, Sew's Women's clothing month in May.

You may recognize the fabric from one of the sheets I purchased on Memorial Day. It came with the lace sewn in and I thought it would make the perfect bottom for a dress. Since it was already sewn in, I had to be really precise with my length. Unfortunately I failed! It's a little long for my daughter to wear. I did get to teach her how to hold up one side, though, so that was practical. But I think I will shorten it by bringing up the fabric just above the lace in a decorative way.

So now I have a very short amount of time to make the real thing. I hope it turns out and I hope Sammi's in a good mood for her time slot of the contest. It's just before her nap, arrrgh!

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how cute! I'm planning on making a little regency dress too. Yours turned out so sweet!

Aww! So cute (:

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