Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Shoes

I found a pattern for adorable shoes from my favorite and new favorites blogs. Jill, from my favorite blog, has made several pair of these shoes and I was finally inspired to check out the original source at stardustshoes.

The green and blue shoes are a sneak peak at the fabric I'm using to make matching dresses for the baby and Sammi. The red and blue shoes are for a friend of mine who is also having a baby girl.

A little about the fabrics: The fabric used in the red shoes I've had for years, almost two decades! I have loved it and thus used it sparingly. I thought it was the perfect pattern for these baby shoes. The green and blue fabric I bought shortly after I was married. I bought it with a pattern for a skirt. I thought it would be a fun project. Before I got around to it, however, I found out I was pregnant. Since I knew I would grow out of it soon and I had no idea what size I'd be after having a baby, it was packed away in my box marked, seriously, "unfinished projects." I pulled it out last fall when I decided to make a purse for my then-18-month-old daughter for Christmas. I'm excited for her to have a matching dress!

There must be something about being pregnant because I have become an ultra-creative wanna-be! Other projects also in the works include a crocheted baby blanket, a denim picnic blanket and a baby doll afghan for Sammi's baby. I'll post pictures as these projects mature!

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love the shoes! i'm going to check out the website to see if i can make them for toby

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