Thursday, October 30, 2008

Minnie Mouse Costume

Here's Sammi sporting her Minnie-inspired dress:

I finished the costume for Sammi to be Minnie Mouse! I am quite pleased with how it looks. And she is, of course, adorable. I learned a bit about fabric during this experience. When you put bias tape on one layer of fabric, the fabric shreds through it very quickly. The only time this didn't happen was on the second practice dress which was recycled from a sheet. As a result, I have resewn almost every inch of the bias tape you see! A very time consuming job with very little satisfaction since I had already done it once!

My favorite part of the dress, though, is the bow. It was a last minute addition as I was planning on buying a bow. Instead I just cut out an extra long rectangle, folded it in half, sewed it together and flipped it right-side out. Then I pulled the two layers apart and scrunched up the middle to make it look like a bow. Then I wrapped a length of black bias tape around it and tied it off. I was going to hide that side, but I thought it looked great to have the knot and the extra bit as an accent on the bow.

I don't normally dress up much for Halloween and last year Sammi barely wore her costume. But this year, she has worn it three times already this week! I'm excited for her to wear it trick-or-treating tomorrow night.

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Amber you really are amazing me with this talent of yours that you have developed. You almost make me jelous- except I really don't like sewing; I just wish I could be as creative as you and ambitious.

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