Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Minnie Inspired Dress

It's Halloween season! I've decided to make Sammi's costume this year. I've had this Minnie Mouse doll for longer than I care to admit. I've always loved her little skirt. So I thought this year I'd make a Minnie Mouse costume for Sammi. She likes to play with her, but usually calls her Mickey (we have two Mickey Mouse dolls.)

I've made two practice dresses. One is tiny for her baby dolls. But, it also fit Elli so I took a picture of her modeling it. It has a tie in the back to adjust for different waists. I used bias tape around the band and then continued it for the ties. Hemming it was a beast because the back has rounded corners and it was so small. But, despite the imperfections, iy looks pretty good from afar!

Here's the practice version: Sammi-sized. It turned out quite big on her. I'm glad it was practice material. I'm going to tweak the pattern and make one more practice one before I cut the actual fabric. I also have an idea for the top of the dress. I'm going to actually have it be two pieces so the skirt can still be worn for dress up after she's outgrown the top.

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